Thursday, December 29, 2011

Round 7: Quinevere Soil

Hi guys,

It's round seven in the competition I'm having with Miss L !! It's been a while since the sixth round, but we didn't forget ;) This project is about the "Elements", first we did a water and a fire simmeh and now it's time for part two with an air and an earth simmeh ! :)

Miss L has made an air simmeh and I have been working on an earth simmeh. When starting this assignment I was thinking how to tackle this Element "Earth", as obviously it's quite a challenge to make a sim with "earth" in mind. I was thinking of Mother Earth, also some sort of Earth Goddess, on the other hand an Earth Super Hero maybe, or Elf like, or possibly even Amazon like. I think I ended up making a mix of all the ideas I came up with, LOL xD

Anyways, enough of the ramblings it's time for the pics and the "Earth simmeh", have fun !! :D

I wish everyone a wonderful and healthy 2012 !!

The custom content used when creating Quinevere:

- Skin (Doll White, HDW) by Klavix (Link)
- Hair by NewSea (Link)
- Eyebrow (Realistic I) by Miss Daydreams (Link)
- Eyeshadow (Misty) by Emmzx (Link)
- Eyeliner (Pure) by Susan372 (Link)
- Blush (Pores) by Shyne (Link)
- Lip gloss (003) by NewSea (Link)
- Eyes Contacts (V2) by Shady (Link)
- Tiara (Fairy Rose) by BlackSweety (Link)
- Earrings by Tomislaw (Link)
- Necklace (Fashion) by VitaSims (Link)
- Bracelet by EA (Pets)
- Dress by EA (Hidden Springs)
- Shoes by Icia23 (Link)
- Outfit by Altea127 (Link)
- Boots by Ekinege (Link)
- Lingerie (Set) by Simsimay (Link)
- Shoes by MiraMinkova (Link)
- Outfit by Anubis360 (Link)
- Foot jewelry by LiliSims (Link)
- Bikini (Set) by Saliwa (Link)
- Foot jewelry by LiliSims (Link)

Sliders used:
- CAS Sliders by Jonha (Link)
- CAS Sliders by Ahmad (Link)
- Breast Sliders by Delphy (Link)
- Chin Cleft Slider by TumTum Simiolino (Link)
- GEOM Sliders (Upper lip) by aWT (Link)
- GEOM Sliders (Nose Septum) by aWT (Link)
- Lip Slider by Hermi (Link)

Aiwa Anargy by Miss Lochness

Please note all pics are original and aren't edited or enhanced in anyway

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Denisa Alexandra Cstyles Exclusive - December

Full CC list is available over at Cstyles as well !!

Please note all pics are original and aren't edited or enhanced in anyway

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tomorrow - finally !! ;)

Hey guys,

Finally managed to finish a simmeh !! Just a few things left to do. I'll post Denisa for download tomorrow. I'll leave you a teaser though ! ;)

I thought I would let you guys know I'm still alive :))