Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hester Niemeijer

 Download: Hester Niemeijer V1.0.7z 
Unpack with: 7-Zip 

Groetjes, Cheers, Gruessen,



luciee said...

ahah, i just found this hair the outher day, fab isnt it ?! it suits her really well ;] well done

EvaTer said...

Hi Luciee,

Yeah, the hair looks great; did you find the hair by XM or the re-textured one by Anubis ?
Although I like the looks of the original XM-hair, I don't like the texture. That's why I have used the Anubus-hair for Hesther.

Shai Chizeylover said...

Hi Eva,

Hester is gorgeous :) I love her a lot.