Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shianne de Nore

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Hi ya All,

I did find some time to make another Sim in between assignments. I started out with a blond Sim, while working on her, her looks almost turned oriental, in the end she came out like this. She's called Shianne and in game, she's quite a handful !! LOL
So be warned !! She def aint as sweet as she looks !!
One detail I'd like to mention; this is the first time since I have the Sims 3 (base game), I've used an EA hair !! Incrediblissima !!;)

The custom content used when creating Shianne:

- Face skin (Silk) by Lady Frontbum (Link)
- Body Skin (Default Busty Naughty) by Lady Frontbum (Link)
- Hair by EA (Late Night)
- Eyeliner by Juzhitu (Link)
- Lip gloss by Juzhitu (Link)
- Earring Piercings by WideOpenEyes (Link)
- Earrings by Annihilation (Link)
- Blush (Fierce 1) by Lady Frontbum (Link)
- Eye contacts by SteadyAccess (Link)
- Piercing(Nose-'Left'-Bracelet) by Winry (Link)
- Nails by NataliS (Link)
- Collar by EA (Late Night)
- Nails (Toe) by Lili (Link)
- Top by EA (Late Night)
- Pants (leather) by MiraMinkova (Link)
- Boots by Lorianda (Link)
- Top by Ekinege (Link)
- Jeans by BluElla (Link)
- Shoes by Birba32 (Link)
- Lingerie (set) by Harmonia09 (Link)
- Boots (4th) by Lili (Link)
- Stockings (10th on page) by SimsMaker (Link)
- Garter (Left) by EA (Late Night)
- Top (008) by Evie (Link)
- Capris by Lorianda (Link)
- Boots by Lorianda (Link)
- Swimsuit (Sheer) by Lady Frontbum (Link)
I think the rest will transfer in the Sims3pack-file, if not please contact me and I will check.

Groetjes, Cheers, Gruessen,


Please note all pics are original and aren't edited or enhanced in anyway


Shai AlessaGillespie said...

Beautiful !!
I wish I had Late Night...
Oh well I'll make a vampire Sim when I get LN and they'll have a little cat fight (:

Love yoou.

Shai ♥

Arcanalia said...

She's gorgeous! I love her.

EvaTer said...

Thanks Shai & Arcanalia !! <3
Very glad you like Shianne !

Ohhh yeah a cat fight !! I think Shianne would love that ! LOL

precioussims said...

Hi Eva! I love Shianne shes got alot of style,I wish I had a talent for making my sims Hot and sexy.Im sure Ill get there sooner or later.

Vidkid20 said...

I've been meaning to follow this blog. Apologies for being late. D:
And hi Eva! :)

Vidkid20 said...

Oh and

I thought you wouldn't mind. ;) Your sim is very pretty.

EvaTer said...

Thanks Precious !! <3

I very much like your Sims and I think you've got loads of talent !!
I think your Sims are special and unique !!

EvaTer said...

Oh hi Vid !! :)
And thanks bunches Vid !!
Ohh, thanks for featering Shianne on ts3ccgallery !! Me likes !! ;)

Unknown said...

It says it cant be downloaded, mediafire has blocked the content....

EvaTer said...

Hi Prisqua, I checked just now, I could download the file without any problem. Maybe you can try again ??

Thanks & thanks for visiting my blog !! :D

Miss Lochness said...

Miss Eva, you must stop with these sexy sims. You tease. :P

EvaTer said...

LOL, thanks Miss L !! ;)
I think there will be more teasing to come ! :P