Friday, April 29, 2011

100,000 Downloads and counting ! Amazing !!

Hi ya All,

The most amazing thing has happened today, my sim creations which are published and are online have reached the incredible number of 100,000 downloads!! I almost can't believe it !! It's just amazing, thank you all SOOOO much and thanks for all your support !!

Some numbers:
Total downloads: 100,000+
Total creations online: 144 (141 female sims, 1 male sim & 2 lots)
Average downloads per creation: ~695
34 Simmehs with 1,000+ downloads
10 Simmehs with 2,000+ downloads
3 Simmehs with 3,000+ downloads
1 Simmeh with 4,000+ downloads

My thanks go out to:
EA, ALL the awesome Custom Content Creators, Cstyles (CeCe), TSR, Blogger, Mediafire, Mod The Sims 3 by Bożena, Sims 3 Updates, The Sims 3 CC Gallery, Facebook and last but not least ALL YOU GUYS for making this possible !! :D <3

Thanks, Merci, Gracias, Danke, Bedankt !!

I love you guys !! <3


Please note all pics are original and aren't edited or enhanced in anyway


Shyne said...

Wow... that's a huge amount! Maybe my creations will be downloaded more now too that I'm improving :)
I don't get that many downloads. Most downloaded item by me had under 2000 downloads *sigh* Let's hope I can reach the 4000 mark too :D

EvaTer said...

Thanks Shyne !! <3
Most of the times it's not quantity that counts, but quality. I think you're creations are great and def have the quality !! I love your creations ! :D
Keep the good stuff coming !

Quantity can sometimes be nice though, LOL :)

chobits said...

Congrats! That is truly amazing and so well deserved!!!

EvaTer said...

Thanks Chobits !! Thanks for your lovely and sweet comment !! <3

zarmor said...

Congratulations on your success !! It is indeed well deserved and your sims are some of the best on the web !!

The next challenge is to reach the 500 000 DL's.

I'm putting the champagne in the fridge !!

Keep up the good work !


EvaTer said...

Thanks Michael, you're very sweet !! <3
Ohh that's quite a target 500K LOL
I would love that champagne though ! ;)