Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zalina Matys

The custom content used when creating Zalina:

- Face skin (Silk) by Lady Frontbum (Link)
- Body Skin (Default Busty Naughty) by Lady Frontbum (Link)
- Hair by (Link)
- Eyebrow (1) by Evie (Link)
- Eyeshadow (Winged) by Emmzx (Link)
- Eyeliner (Ibiza) by Miss Daydreams (Link)
- Blush (SoftGlo) by KittyKlan (Link)
- Lip gloss (Shine) by Susan372 (Link)
- Eyes contacts (V1) by Shady (Link)
- Earrings by Katelys (Link)
- Bracelet by Lorianda (Link)
- Nails by NataliS (Link)
- Nails (Toe) by Lili (Link)
- Top & Skirt (Set) by Simseviyo (Link)
- Shoes by Iconsims (Link)
- Top by Natef005 (Link)
- Skirt by SimsMaker (Link)
- Shoes by NataliS (Link)
- Top by MiraMinkova (Link)
- Bottom by EA (Late Night)
- Shoes by MiraMinkova (Link)
- Top by Harmonia09 (Link)
- Skirt by Ekinege (Link)
- Shoes by Lorianda (Link)
- Swimsuit by Saliwa (Link)
- CAS Sliders by Jonha (Link)
- CAS Sliders by Ahmad (Link)
- Breast Sliders by Delphy (Link)

- Car by Fresh-Prince (Link)

Please note all pics are original and aren't edited or enhanced in anyway


Darkman said...

i love her,really good work)))

EvaTer said...

Thanks Darkman !! :D I'm glad you like her !

angieD said...

beautiful as always, great poses too :D

EvaTer said...

Thanks Ang !! <3
I love those poses these days. Still a bit of a challenge though, posing with an object ;)

zarmor said...

OMG Zalina is a goodess !!

Eva, you've reach the point where your sims were good and now they are Great !!

She's driving me crazy ( Zalina, not the car ) ;)

Great poses also


EvaTer said...

Ohh WOW Michael !! Thanks for your lovely & sweet compliment !! <3
Thank you, thank you, thank you !! :D

Miss Lochness said...

She's GREAT ♥

EvaTer said...

Thankies Miss L !! <3

Ernesto Cassenda said...

YAY!! Brunettes!! Yummie yummie!

I likes her vey much!

Errr she come's inside the Aston Martin as an extra equipment or is the car an extra?

Great work Eva!

EvaTer said...

LOL, thanks Ernesto !! ;)
I'm afraid the Aston isn't included in the sims-file :(
I think you need to type "motherlode" a few times, as it's the most expensive car of them all, if you wants it too. Hehehehe :D

Anonymous said...

The first sim i downloaded from you whas this one and i love her