Thursday, September 29, 2011

Round 6: Sonya Dell'Aqua

Hi guys,

It's round six in the little competition I'm having with Miss L !! This time we went for another setup. We didn't go for variations on dress up, but we did go for a theme. The theme is "Elements" :)
Within the theme we chose to do the "opposing" elements, so our simmehs are based on either "Fire" or "Water". As the simmehs are theme based there were no real CC restrictions.

Miss L chose to do the "Fire simmeh" so I have made a "Water simmeh".
I sort of went with a mix of Greek mythology / Goddess - like and Mermaid - like.
I don't know exactly why I did that LOL xD but I'm quite happy with the result. I also really liked doing the pics in game. The in game pics are NOT edited in any sort of way. I hope you enjoy !! ;)

The custom content used when creating Sonia:

- Skin (NV1 Light) by Ephemera (Link)
- Hair by PeggyZone (Link)
- Eyebrow (Realistic) by SteadyAccess (Link)
- Eyeshadow (ES06) by Dropsi1986 (Link)
- Eyeliner (Ibiza) by Miss Daydreams (Link)
- Blush (Swoop) by Lady Frontbum (Link)
- Lip gloss (004) by NewSea (Link)
- Eyes Default by Shyne (Link)
- Tiara (Teardrop) by BlackSweety (Link)
- Earrings by NataliS (Link)
- Earrings (sports outfit) by NataliS (Link)
- Nails by NataliS (Link)
- Toe nails by LiliSims (Link)
- Dress by Icia23 (Link)
- Shoes by EA (Late Night)
- Dress by EA (Store) (Link)
- Shoes by NataliS (Link)
- Tunic (Dress) by JulianaFraga (Link)
- Dress by MiraMinkova (Link)
- Shoes by EA (Base Game)
- Swimsuit by Harmonia09 (Link)

Sliders used:
- CAS Sliders by Jonha (Link)
- CAS Sliders by Ahmad (Link)
- Breast Sliders by Delphy (Link)
- Chin Cleft Slider by TumTum Simiolino (Link)
- GEOM Sliders (Upper lip) by aWT (Link)
- Lip Slider by Hermi (Link)

Florence Fury by Miss Lochness

Please note all pics are original and aren't edited or enhanced in anyway


Jaedub said...

Eva!You have done such an amazing job!Iam beyond impressed!She is absolutely stunning,her face is so perfect and the setting and clothing couldnt have been better!I am crazy about the pictures you did too!You must have been working so hard,they are amazing!!!!I love this so much!!!
Congrats on such a wonderful project!<3<3<3

EvaTer said...

Wow thanks Jae for the truly wonderful compliments and comments my dear !! <3 *blushing* xD I'm so glad you like the project Miss L and me have been working on !! :))

Next up is our seasons project ! It's time for summer and winter !! ;)

Unknown said...

Not only is she gorgeous, but your shots as well!

EvaTer said...

<3 Thankies Ny for your wonderful comment !! ;)

Shyne said...

Wow... just... wow... omg... Eva. You and Nessy are so epically talented!!! This Sim is like... perfect. In every way.

Miss Lochness said...

Absolutely EPIC Miss E!!!

This sim is stunning and so beautiful. Ethereal really :) I LOVE the water shots, my gawd you have outdone yourself!!! The one of her leaning on the rock in the water, is breathtaking!!!!

So excited for Earth and Air next!!! <3 <3 Great idea Miss E xD

EvaTer said...

*Blushing* Ohh my ! Thanks for the wonderful comments my lovelies !!

@ Miss L: The pic her leaning on the rock in the water is my favorite too !! ;)
Yep excited for Earth and Air too !! xD