Friday, November 11, 2011

Finally got some inspiration and creating time !


Jaedub said...

Gorgeous work Eva!She is stunning XD!

BeAzSims said...

Simplesmente linda!


EvaTer said...

Thanks guys !! I'm glad you like her !! <3 :))

zarmor said...

She looks so real, I can't believe my eyes !!!

I hope you'll make her available for my selfsim to invite her for diner.

Which skin did you use Eva ?

And her eyes are so inspiring...I'm sure i could even even write poems for her ;)

GJ as always <3

EvaTer said...

Thanks Michael :D I will try to finish some sims soon, instead of making half finished sims all the time, LOL. She's definitely on my list of sims to finish ;)

The skin is the Shiny bronze skin by Klavix (together with the Doll skin 2.0 also by Klavix), these are the skins I'm using the most these days.

The eyes are by Praline, but aren't available for download anymore, but they will transfer with the sim when she becomes available for download :)