Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gothique Beauty 'Cycle 2' entry & assignment 1

Hi ya All,

Just want to tell a bit about my 'adventures' I had when I entered a competition called: Gothique Beauty 'Cycle 2' over at Cstyles.
I entered the competition with submitting a Sim, called Gwyneth

When we got are first assignment, which includes a song and its lyrics, backed up with a picture reflecting the song. I went in game and my entry Gwyneth was all messed up, I checked CAS and she was messed up there as well.... :(

What ever I tried, Gwyneth remained messed up (and I got a lot of help trying to resolve the situation; but nothing helped). I even tried recreating Gwyneth & it happened again !! Incredible !!!

I got permission to re-enter a new Sim, so I made a new Sim, called "Moon" and re-entered.

Today I submitted the assignment with a picture, lyrics and a song.

The Awakening - Mirror Tricks

Mirror Tricks Lyrics

feeling like these photo-scenes - your
world is black and in-between - the
paradox you call your life
you stop to cry
i picked up where
they left off and
held you 'til you
were alive and
now the room is mirror-tricks and dappled light
and if you walk away - i won't understand
you were like a work of art - that
had its canvas torn apart and
found itself an icon
in its disarray
i was just an afterthought
who practised everything he taught
but innocence can sometimes
be an enemy
every phase is something new
with your eyes away from mine
oh this isn't living proof
it's only borrowed time
i'm here waiting for you

The Awakening - Mirror Tricks

The Awakening | MySpace Music Videos

Groetjes, Cheers, Gruessen,



Miss Lochness said...

I hate when sims get stuffed up AFTER you upload them. That's happened to me too. I use too many custom skintones tho, so thats why mine go all black occasionally. I liked Gwenyth :( Shame about that. But Moon is AWESOME!

EvaTer said...

Thanks :D
Still don't know how this happened with Gwyneth. I'm sure it's not the skintone, because I use the default skintone.
It's also the only Sim I have created who as this phenomena.
I'm suspect it has something to do with the combination of CC clothes; but how or what.... is a mystery :(

Anyhow, I'm happy with Moon !!
I may actually post her here later.

Wonderland-Rebel said...

Gwyneth was WAY pretty. Grrrr.... Stupid gaame messing her up!! *throws tantrum on Eva's behalf* But Moon is very cute! I likes her!!

EvaTer said...

Thx Jess !!
It was so frustrating last week, with Gwyneth; when it happened I was just like @#$*&#$QWfT%$ !!! :(

But I'm over it now ;D

Wonderland-Rebel said...

Glad you've over it. I wou;d of swore like crazy too. XD