Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mireya Willetts SQUEEEEEEEEEEE !! :D

Unpack with: 7-Zip 

Hi ya All,

Finally some good news !! :D
I decided I had enough of searching for conflicts which weren't there, or were just not traceable. I (finally) decided to totally uninstall the game and reinstall it from scratch.
Guess what... IT WORKED !!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE !! :D
....Now I wished I had done that earlier....*sigh*... LOL
When my game was stable and up to speed again, I immediately started working on a new Sim. For those waiting on the two Sims previously posted, you have to wait just a little longer for those ;) Cause I created another, totally new Sim for this "miraculous" occasion.
Here is Mireya !! Hope ya like her !!

The custom content used when creating Mireya:

- Face skin (Silk) by Lady Frontbum (Link)
- Body Skin (Default Busty Naughty) by Lady Frontbum (Link)
- Eyeshadow (Fierce Eyes 2) by Lady Frontbum (Link)
- Eyeliner by Juzhitu (Link)
- Blush (Fierce Blush 1) by Lady Frontbum (Link)
- Hair by PeggyZone (Link)
- Top & Jeans (set) by NataliS (Link)
- Dress by Simsimay (Link)
- Lingerie (set) by Harmonia (Link)
- Top by Lorianda (Link)
- Shorts by Harmonia (Link)
- Swimsuit by SimsMaker (Link)
- Earrings by Rose (Link)
- Necklace by Rose (Link)
- Bracelet by PeggyZone (Link)
- Stockings (one color) by Lili (Link)
- Shoes (extra high Boots) by SimsMaker (Link)
- Shoes (extra high Sandals) by Birba32 (Link)
- Shoes (HHC v1 & v2) by Lili (Link)
- Sneakers by Lorianda (Link)
I think the rest will transfer in the Sims3pack-file, if not please contact me and I will check.

Groetjes, Cheers, Gruessen,


Please note all pics are original and aren't edited or enhanced in anyway


Chicago said...

I'm glad you got your game working, moar and moar ice cream!! Vanilla this time

Your sim is so cute.

EvaTer said...

LOL !! Thanks Chi !! :D
Yeah I'm very glad it works fine again.
I was a bit worried before, because it was my 'final' option.
And I did celebrate with ice cream, hehe and vanilla indeed ! ;)

Miss Lochness said...

I'm having trouble concentrating cause Myra's chest is VERY distracting. Especially those side shots. Distracting in a fascinating way. Hehe. :D

YAYZ for your game working again! I'm gonna go kill mine and install Ambitions. Took me a while to go get it huh?

Miss Lochness said...

I mean Mireya. Eyes arent working properly 0.0

EvaTer said...

@@ LOL, thanks Miss L. !! :D

My game working properly was only a one off :(
The crashing in CAS is back !! Really don't know what to do... but I'll keep on searching and trying !

Miss Lochness said...

I'm pretty sure there's a thread on the official forum that gives you a direct patch that you need. Maybe look for the last patch, and uninstall, reinstall again and update to that patch ONLY. Instead of this current patch, since that seems to be the problem. :)

EvaTer said...

Thanks Miss L for your suggestion !! <3
I think I did find what the problem was for the crashing; will keep you posted !! ;)