Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Updates - 3D eyelashes and "Tattoo simmeh"

Hey guys,

Just some updates, I've been working on of late :)
First of all (and I've been waiting for these for a LONG time) the 3D eyelashes. Yep, 3D eyelashes (upper AND lower !). These 3D eyelashes can be found at S-Club Privée and are part of a 3D eyelash project (here). It consists of several items you NEED for these eyelashes to work and several items are optional as well. You can find all the necessary info on the page I've linked here above.
For your information, I've downloaded and installed all items in relation to the 3D eyelashes (at the moment). Here are some pics of the first "testing" I did:

I've also been working on my "Tattoo simmeh", with less success I'm afraid :( I'm still not sure what's going on but when I try to finish her, she turns "charcoal" in CAS as well as in game OR causes my game to crash. I haven't be able to figure out what's causing this yet, but as you can imagine I'm not happy with it !! I also even thought I had lost the (original WIP) sim as I saved and overwrote it and had to delete the updated sim, as it caused my game to crash EVERY time. Fortunately I had the WIP-sim version in game as a household, so I was able to recover her to CAS. I removed ALL the tattoos and made some other changes to her and saved her. The "Tattoo less version" isn't causing any problems in game, so somehow it's tattoo related, which wasn't before of course. It may be some "script error" which is causing all the troubles I'm having with her.
So for now I'm not able to finish and share her with you, as I won't share a sim which is causing errors or making a game crash. If I'm unable to finish her with the tattoos, I might finish her and share her without any tattoos, but I'm not sure about that, as the whole idea behind the sim was the tattoos.
Anyways, I keep you guys updated on this !!
I still hope I can solve the problem !


Anonymous said...

I really like the red haired Sim girl. (-:
She looks very unique.

Also the tattoo Sim girl looks very unique.

I absoluteley love their faces!
Great work 'til now. (-;


Anonymous said...

Very pretty.

Re Maron said...

Eu amei a segunda! E as tattos inclusive. Vc fez a tattoo como? Eu não lembro de ter tido problemas com as minhas. Posso tentar ajudar se precisar. Bjinhos Eva.

EvaTer said...

<3 Thanks guys !! ^_^

I'll keep on trying to fix the problem with the "Tattoo simmeh".
If anyone has encountered a similar problem and was able to solve, please let me know ! ;)

platynus said...

She is so beautiful, that even without the tattoos please share with us! :) I really love her! Dammit I love all Your sims! :D:D