Friday, April 6, 2012

Jesikah Mays Cstyles Exclusive - April

Full CC list is available over at Cstyles as well !!

Please note all pics are original and aren't edited or enhanced in anyway


Sackgirl said...

Sexy looking lady.

EvaTer said...

Thank you !! :))

FrankitoPB said...

Some of your sims arent working for me.

Like the 60% of them are bugged for me.

Is there any way to contact you ? In the Cstyles forum the admin didnt activate my account yet.


EvaTer said...

I'm sorry to hear that !
Possible options for the sim not showing up correctly:

You need to have the latest patches installed to your game.
You need all the sliders installed in your game, in order to have the sim showing up, like in the pics.
Also you do need all the CC listed in the post installed to your game, especially the skin !

Normally your account on Cstyles is activated within a day. Otherwise you can also contact me on facebook.

I hope this helps ! ;)

EstiaSims said...

Personally I love so so much Jesikah!! Thanks Eva, you are a fantastic artist! ;)

Take a look to my new blog! <3 I could very glad!
with respect