Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A bit of a block @ my Sims blog...;P

Hi ya All,

I'm having or experiencing kind of a creative block the last couple of days. Last night ehh, nothing really happened and I thought, well this (of course) can happen some day.
Today however I did have the same feeling as yesterday, which made me feel :(( ....
Which means (or meant) no Simming for me these last couple of days !! (starting to shake and shiver a bit... hahaha, lol !!)

Then I thought I was clever by working on a new blog template. I started looking for a new template and tried several templates. With one of the templates I was almost finished amending it and filling it with content, when I decided that it was CRAP !! So I deleted it again; somehow it did not 'feel' right. If I have these kind of 'feelings' it just doesn't happen for me. Creative blocks s*ck !!

I still felt like I needed to do something and get rid of the 'bad vibes' so here I am writing about a 'bit' of frustration I'm feeling at the moment. It actually is making me feeling a bit better now, so I guess I made the right choice doing something, well....hmm creative !! LOL !!

I think I'm not making sense here, but it still feels good !!
It sure is getting rid of the frustrating feelings I have.
The little conversation with me, myself & I (and getting it in writing) definitely is paying of :P
Maybe a good night's sleep won't do me any harm as well.

So I'm of now and hope I'm feeling all better (and creative) tomorrow.

Have a good one !!



Wonderland-Rebel said...

LOL!! I hate stuff likehat. Wrter's block is THE WORST!!!

Anyway, I'm sure you'll cme up with some pwetty Simmies soon. Maybe you could try a supernatural Sim or something?

EvaTer said...

Just finished a new Sim :), I will upload her shortly !