Saturday, July 3, 2010

Computer, updates, heat & fire !!

Hi ya All,

Just a quick word about what happened last Thursday night.

It was freaking hot in my living room again (34° C / 93° F). Although it was hot, I decided to work on my 2nd assignment of the Gothic Beauty Contest I entered with "Moon".
When I started my computer, things were still OK, after a while virus- and spyware programs started updating as usual, but I noticed this time, my CPU cooler-fan or maybe another cooler-fan, started going berserk !!
I ignored it, while I thought it was hot indeed.
When my virus-scanner started it's daily quick-scan, things started to go very, very wrong.
I smelled something, then there was smoke, then my screen went black and then I noticed my computer was on fire !! I quickly detached my external hard-drive & ran with hard-drive and all to my kitchen.
Put the hard-drive (with recent backup :D) somewhere safe in my kitchen and grabbed a big bowl and filled it with cold water. Ran back to my computer and put out the fire.
However the damage was already done.... :(
My computer, motherboard & internal hard-drives were all fried and fused !! 
@#Rd%&F#* !!

I , myself was OK though (physically), on the other hand I was totally devastated (mentally).

At this time I don't have enough (spare) money to buy a new computer, although I want to buy one as quickly as possible !! For now I can only use a computer when I visit my family or friends and use theirs (while I'm there), or when ever I can (if possible) when I'm at my work.
So my online access is very limited and my Simming has gone to nil, for the time being :(

I do not yet know when I will be back fully, but I will return !!

Upon my return, DO have fun & DO some Simming for me !

Groetjes, Cheers, Gruessen,



Jessamine Diane said...

Mega disastar ther! Uh! Poor you! *hugs*

mm38 said...

Hi! Thank heavens you are O.K I hope everything goes well for you from now on.

Anonymous said...

My poor Eva!! Thank God you were not injured and the rest of your home was saved. Maybe you can try like Dell and see if you can get a new computer on a payment system or something.
I'm not sure how they work...but it's worth a try and instead of one lump payment you can make monthly and pretty much build it yourself to your taste and style.
Gonna miss you on Cstyles and your latest lady made 'Featured Sim' on the home page!
This was before the fire!! So it was no pity posting! Lol!!
Did I get a giggle on that last one?
Hugz to ya!

Miss Lochness said...

Holy crap! Glad you're okay! I will miss our little convos while you wait til you get your new computer :(

mm38 said...

What city do you live in Eva?
Just wondering since you have nice hot weather.

EvaTer said...

Awww, you are all so sweet !!
Thanks for all your support, I hope to be back soon !
I missing you all, very much !!

I may go for the Dell option, will have a look as soon as I can; checking other options as well.

I live in the center of Holland, near Utrecht, it wasn't that warm over there; but after a couple of days, my house gets warmer inside, compared to the temperature outside