Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm (part) back !! :D

Hi ya All,

Just want to keep you updated on my computer(-fire) situation.
I'm now able to go and be online again, because I can borrow a spare laptop from my work, yaaeeehhh !!
However I'm not back to the simming part though, because I can't install any software on this laptop for security reasons (which I can fully understand).
For now I'm very happy with this situation !! :D
I'm also checking out my options on buying a new computer / laptop and I'm making some progress.
If all goes well, I may have a new computer / laptop by the end of next week or a bit later.

I'm even more happy & excited because Holland is in the finale of the soccer World-championships in South Africa, for the 1st time since 1974 & 1978 !! I hope we'll get 3rd time lucky to be World-champion for the 1st time !! Come on Holland !!

Hup Holland Hup !!! Hahahaha LOL :P

Groetjes, Cheers, Gruessen,



Jessamine Diane said...

You're very naughty Eva, using a work laptop for personal use........

Well done, I for one am very proud!!!

mm38 said...

Hi Eva! glad you are back.Do you live in Holland? If not where are you?

Miss Lochness said...

EVVVAA! Just saw your comment on my blog, decided to come over and visit :D

Your work has spare laptops? Awesome. Any computer is better than nothing at all. I'd take Internet over Sims 3. Shame on me :) Can't wait til you get a new computer, I'm all simmed out. I'm making up for you and for myself. :P You asked to remember :P

Thanks for the input on the CStyles competitions, I will probably enter the next cycles or something. :D We will see!

I saw that Holland was in the finals. Australia got kicked out of the World Cup before anyone even noticed they were in it. :P We suck at soccer. I don't know why we bother. We're a cricket and RUUGGBBYY nation. :D

Anyway, this comment is turning into a letter! I'll be off now :D

Keep in touch Eva! <3

EvaTer said...

Hahaha LOL, Thanks Jesse XD

Yeah mm38, I'm from Holland ;D

To Miss L, yep they do have spare laptops (if someone goes abroad for work, they can use and take a laptop), now it's holiday season, so I'm allowed to use a spare laptop.
I hope to see you around at CStyles !! :)
We play a bit of cricket as well in Holland, but not in the same league as Australia (although we did beat England in the WC Tenty20 hahaha ;P) In rugby we suck....
Well you can't have it all ;D

mm38 said...

Awesome! Neat to know somebody from Holland.

EvaTer said...

Pleased to meet someone from Canada too ;D I would love to live there !