Friday, October 22, 2010

Second assignment of the Miss Cstyles Simmette

Hi ya All,

As you may know, I've entered a competition over at Cstyles, called the "Miss Cstyles Simmette". Today I finalized and submitted my entry for the 2nd assignment of this competition. The 2nd assignment is really a tough one. The contestants have to create a "Scary Porcelain Doll" with matching background.
Scary ? OK ! Doll ? OK ! Porcelain ? Huhh ?! And combining all these ingredients together with a matching background !!
I started out, looking for a non-default skin, in order to make the skin look porcelain. Luckily after a couple of hours of searching and testing I did find a good one ! :)
This lead to the first / initial idea (looks) for the assignment.
And a first test shoot of how 'the Doll' would look in game (at that time I didn't have any clue what to do with the doll theme and background, so the pic is nothing special. Although a bit scary.... ;)
I decided to change my Sim Doll Muniya a bit after that. I thought the eyes weren't that scary and the make up on the face was a bit too much. In addition I changed the clothing; although Doll like, it just was too 'sweet'.
This is the 'final' Scary Porcelain Doll version of Muniya in CAS.
And the first test shoot of this version, in game. At that time, I also did have some idea's of what I wanted to do with the assignment picture and the background.
I was thinking "a bit of Magic", to make the doll normal in size, otherwise (if Doll size) it would probably lose much of the details (porcelain and make up).
As Halloween is coming up, also not a bad idea to incorporate a bit of Magic and Sorcery in the pic !! :D
The next pic (just) did not make it as my entry, but I really had a hard time choosing between this one and the pic which in the end became my entry for the assignment.
The last pic (below) is the pic I chose to post for the the assignment in the Miss Cstyles Simmette (probably should have chosen the other one, LOL).
The deadline for posting the entries is Monday, after that it's voting & judging time again !
Voting has started earlier today and will be closed by the end of Thursday (Oct 28th, 1 AM EST).
If you like my entry you can vote for me, or some other entry (of course) here Assignment 2 voting.

For now wish me and the other contestants luck, in this very tough but seriously awesome competition !!

Groetjes, Cheers, Gruessen,



Shyne said...

Looks great!

QuileuteGirl said...

Arrgh she's super creepy Eva, awesome job I love the make up you used it just complete's the whole look awesome job x

EvaTer said...

Thanks Shyne & Thanks Q~Girl !! <3

I hope it's enough to get to the next round though, it's such a high quality competition !!