Friday, November 5, 2010

Third assignment of the Miss Cstyles Simmette

Hi ya All,

Time for the third assignment of the Miss Cstyles Simmette ;) The third assignment is making a Vaudeville actress, having her pose on stage, or making an advertisement poster announcing her show coming to town (with some editing allowed this time).
So another tough assignment !! But I really do love these kind of assignments !!
After some research on Vaudeville, I started out dressing up my Sim Vaudeville like. This was my first idea (in CAS).
 And a pic to test the looks out in game.
I wasn't really happy with the 'Vaudeville-ness' of the Sim, so I started looking for some other CC. At this time I still didn't know what to do for my entry, although the advertisement poster did appeal to me more.
The next day I did find some CC and started all over again, dressing up my Simmie. This is the result in CAS:
After that I did a photo shoot with my Sim in game, also to check out the new looks and clothing.
About that time, I decided to go for the poster as my entry. After the photo shoot, I did have a look at the pics I took and one pic was really appealing to me, so I decided to take that pic and use it for the assignment.
I had decided on the pic and on making a poster, so I asked myself now how are ya gonna do that ?? I decided to go 'old fashioned style' so a black & white poster with text and a pic. I studied some Vaudeville poster images I found on the web and also searched for Vaudeville like fonts, to use for the text on the poster.
Then I decided to go for a portrait like pic and some supporting pics to incorporate in the poster. So I went back in game and shot some more pics. Here are a couple of supporting pics I chose.

Now I had all the ingredients to create the poster. Editing time !!!

I'm pleased to show you what the final result is and my entry for the 3rd assignment !! Now the waiting starts again...*sigh* LOL

This time there is no public voting, the result will be made by the two judges only. Anyways, I had some serious fun, making my entry for the assignment. I hope it will be enough for the next round !! ;)

Groetjes, Cheers, Gruessen,



Pralinesims said...

Wow! She is really beautiful! i love her lips!

EvaTer said...

Ohh thanks Praline !! :D