Monday, August 22, 2011

Avangeline Fortun, featured in SF mag - issue 11

The custom content used when creating Avangeline:

- Skin (22611) by Evie (Link)
- Hair by PeggyZone (Link) or Anubis 360 (Link)
- Eyebrow (05) by Watermelon (Link)
- Eyeshadow (Smokey) by PralineSims (Link)
- Eyeliner (Winged) by Flinn (Link)
- Blush (Swoop) by Lady Frontbum (Link)
- Lip gloss (Grape) by Watermelon (Link)
- Eye Contacts (Barbie Eye II) by LemonLeaf (Link)
- Earrings by Simsimay (Link)
- Gloves by Icia23 (Link)
- Nails (2nd) by NataliS (Link)
- Nails (Toe) by LiliSims (Link)
- T-Shirt (13th on page) by All About Style (Link)
- Jeans by Plamc0 (Link)
- Shoes by Altea127 (Link)
- Top and bottom (Set) by Altea127 (Link)
- Shoes by JulianaFraga29 (Link)
- Top by Lorandia (Link)
- Brief by Lorandia (Link)
- Shoes by MiraMinkova (Link)
- Top by Evie (Link)
- Shorts by MiraMinkova (Link)
- Shoes by Simsimay (Link)
- Bikini (Set) by Hasel (Link)

- Pattern used (Link)

Sliders used:
- CAS Sliders by Jonha (Link)
- CAS Sliders by Ahmad (Link)
- Breast Sliders by Delphy (Link)

Please note all pics are original and aren't edited or enhanced in anyway


Sackgirl said...

She has gorgeous hair color and is very pretty.

Jaedub said...

She is perfect!<3

EvaTer said...

♥ Thankies guys !!!!!!! :)

Francesca said...

She is really nice :P Great job

EvaTer said...

Thanks Francesca !! :))

Vin Sims said...

cuteeee *_* great jobie :3333

EvaTer said...

Thanks Vin ! I'm glad you like her !! :))

Miss Lochness said...

Hello purdy lady! Now I wants one of the de Bruyn ladies :D

zarmor said...

Thanks for sharing her , I love redheads and she's one fo my favourites :D

I bet your next simsgirl will be a short black hair one ;)

EvaTer said...

Thanks Michael !! :) I love redheads too, very much ! xD

You guessed right, LOL ! ;)

zarmor said...

Hi again Eva,

Which pattern did you use for the tee shirt and the gloves ?

I didn't find it ...



EvaTer said...

Hi Michael,

I don't know where I got that pattern from, but I added it to the CC download list, so you can download that pattern now.

Have fun ! ;)

zarmor said...

Thanks Eva, very helpful !! :)

I prefer the tee shirt with your pattern than the base one from AAS.

EvaTer said...

You're welcome Michael ! ;)
I like that pattern too, I use it a lot.