Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bryn Brotherton makeover

Hi guys :)

I have been wanting to do this for a long time, finally did find the inspiration to actually do a makeover on one of my favorite simmehs Bryn Brotherton. I posted the original version of Bryn back in September last year (here).
Bryn is supposed to be a simmeh with "natural beauty", so in real life that would mean little or no make up. Of course I used all different kinds of make up on here when creating her / doing the makeover, but all make up used should be natural looking and not too "distracting", at least that's what I had in mind to start with ;)

Let me know what you think OK ?? It's time for some pics now ! xD

For comparison a picture of the original Bryn


platynus said...

In my opinion she looks beautiful Eva :) You just have to upload her! :)

EvaTer said...

Thanks Platynus !! :) <3
I think her eyes (shape) need a little more work and I've only done the casual outfit, so still some work to be done, before I can upload her ;)

chobits said...

She is just precious! Good Job!!!

EvaTer said...

♥ Thanks Chobits !! ♥ :)

zarmor said...

She looks definitely better/enhanced than the original one !!

However I think that her face looks a bit too much white to my liking( same thing with her legs ).It might be the blush or maybe the skintone you are using. It doesn't look natural to me. On the other hand, I like her hair, eyes and lips a lot. Good job.

Anyway another beauty to come ...

EvaTer said...

Thanks Michael ! :)
I think I will make the eyes a tad smaller and maybe do a little work on the eye bags.
About the skin color being too white, maybe it's caused by the lighting I used (more lights than usual) and maybe also by the contrast with the hair color. Maybe I'll make the skin a tad darker and see if that will make things better / more natural.

Thanks for the feedback !! ;)

Miss Lochness said...

It's Bryn bryn!!! <3

Hmm...let's see here. I loves her hair colour and her lips. I also think her eyes are a tad too big, but I don't know what you're preference is in regards to size.

As much as I love that skin, I don't like it on her :( I think maybe Sunny or Light ND by Ephemera? Really pale, might look better for her. Especially if you're going for natural looking. Sunny has some nice blemishes on the nose and I think it would look lovely on her :)

Of course whatever you do will be smokin anyways xD

EvaTer said...

Thankies Miss L ! :) <3
I'll see what I can do my dear, definitely gonna scale down the eyes, as the contacts make them appear to be even bigger ;)

zarmor said...

Hi Eva,

is this the WaterMelon skintone ?

Another suggestion would be the strawberry or apple skintones from M. Calero. They also look very natural.



EvaTer said...

Hi Michael, yeah it is a skintone by Watermelon. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have a look ;)

Jaedub said...

OMG!How did I miss this??She is so beautiful!I really love her,especially the eyes <3 <3

EvaTer said...

:) Thanks Jae !! <3 No problem LOL, she still is just work in progress ;)