Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ella Fleury

 Download: Ella Fleury V1.0.7z 
Unpack with: 7-Zip 

Hi ya All,

Here is my new creation Ella, I started to create her while I was still in Germany. However most of the work was done, when I returned from my vacation. She's so to speak a transition between vacation and 'normal' life from day to day :D For the first time I also included so screenshots from in game. I hope you like this ;)

The custom content used when creating Ella:

- Body & Face skins by Lady Frontbum (See Sliders & Replacements links on my page)
- Hair by NewSea (Link)
- Bathing suit by All About Style (Link)
- Shoes by Lili (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3)
- Earrings by Heiret (Link)
- Necklace by Annihilation (Link)
- Navel Piercing by Lady Frontbum (Link)
I think the rest will transfer in the Sims3pack-file, if not please contact me and I will check.

Groetjes, Cheers, Gruessen,


Please note all pics are original and aren't edited or enhanced in anyway


Shai AlessaGillespie said...

I love her Eva !! When did you decide to take in-game pictures ?

EvaTer said...

Thanks Shai ! :D
Just decided to take some in game pics after I finished Ella ;)

Shai AlessaGillespie said...

Oh OK cool. I like her.
How many downloads does she have now ??

EvaTer said...

LOL ;) Nine at this time :D

Shai AlessaGillespie said...

Wow awesome, my downloads arn't getting anything at all...