Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tutorial: Combining and compressing custom content files Part I (Prepare)

Hi ya All,

If you have or own a lot of custom content, you tend to lose track of all the content you have and your Sims 3 game also slows down considerably and it takes 'ages' in CAS before you see your clothes and accessories, which makes creating Sims like an 'ordeal'....

To keep this in check, I have come across a method to combine and compress your custom content and the result is that your folder(s) with custom content are cleaned up AND your Sims 3 game will load quicker AND custom content will show up faster in game, when for instance you are building or decorating a house AND browsing through clothes and accessories in CAS is like 'normal' again and how it should be :D
Now there are some tutorials about this combining and compressing, but I still see a lot of questions about this and also Simmers who don't get it to work. I hope to solve this, by writing this tutorial.
Mind you, it still is rather 'technical' and it will probably remain 'technical', but if you go and spend a couple of hours on it, the results will be rewarding !!
In order to not lose track, I have decided to split the tutorial in 2 parts. The first part is about how to prepare your files before combining / compressing. The 2nd part will be about the compressing itself.

The first part can be found here: Compressing packages files Part 1 (Prepare)
The second part will follow soon :D

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