Monday, August 23, 2010

Serenity Kairns

Unpack with: 7-Zip 

Hi ya All,

Please meet Serenity, I have created her here in Germany, while I was on vacation. Please enjoy Serenity, as I'm enjoying my vacation :D

The custom content used when creating Serenity:

- Body & Face skins by Lady Frontbum (See Sliders & Replacements links on my page)
- Hair by NewSea (Link)
- Pants (leather) by All About Style (Link)
- Jeans (w. belt) by Harmonia (Link)
- Body (lace) by Juttaponath (Link)
- Shoes by Lili (Link 1) (Link 2)
- Earrings by VitaSims (Link)
- Bracelet by Rose (Link)
I think the rest will transfer in the Sims3pack-file (free CC dl's), if not please contact me and I will check.

Groetjes, Cheers, Gruessen,



Miss Lochness said...

HOOOOOTTT! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your vacation Eva. :D I always LOVE the names you give your sims! Oh, did you see, you got featured on Creator's Corner! :D

EvaTer said...

Thanks Miss L !! :D
I always give it a special thought the name of my Sims; I think the name should suite the Sim (looks) and the "character" of the Sim
Yeah, I did see ! LOL Loved it <3

Chicago said...

Eva! I could kiss you and bear hug you to death!! your tutorial worked for me!!! Finally I can have all my CC, I honestly wanted to cry lol.

Btw, you sim is hot, love the lingerie.

EvaTer said...

Thanks Chi !! LOL !
I'm glad it worked for you (finally) :D

Praline said...

she is cute!

EvaTer said...

Thanks Praline !! ;)

Shai AlessaGillespie said...

Eva she is so hot !! I'd kiss her any time if I was a Sim ;)
Congrats, she is fabulous !! And she looks deliious ;)

EvaTer said...

Thx Shai !! *Gives a kiss* ;)

Shai AlessaGillespie said...

*Kisses back*
Wow, Eva, I never thought you'd spell thanks as 'Thx' lol ;)
She's sexy like you darlin' girl ;P

EvaTer said...

LOL :D Dank je (Thank you) ;)

Shai AlessaGillespie said...

How do you say 'Welcome' in Dutch ??

EvaTer said...

Haha 'Welkom' !!

Shai AlessaGillespie said...

Wow that's easy xD


EvaTer said...

LOL ;)