Saturday, August 21, 2010

Work in (Vacation) Progress :D

Hi ya All,

Just a quick word from my vacation here in Germany (near Munich), so ya'll know I'm still around ;)
It was very nice weather here today !! Hot & Nice. Nice & Hot ;D
After a soothing bath tonight, I felt so good, I grabbed my laptop and started working on a new Sim.
Here are some pics of the "raw sketches" of Miss (let's call her) Screenshot.... LOL !! :D
Hahaha, ya might notice I'm having fun out here !!!!
And still a week to go !

Groetjes, Cheers, Gruessen,



Precious Sims said...

WOW! Shes pretty Eva Good work!
Where did you get the top?

EvaTer said...

Thanks !! :)
Top is by Katelys @ TSR and can be found here:

Miss Lochness said...

Very nice Eva! I'm loving those pants! I downloaded that top too, I love it! I placed it on Jade the other day, but cause of Subaxi's skintone, her you know whats were sticking over the top of the shirt. Lols. I'm glad youre having fun! Vacations are lovely!

EvaTer said...

Yeah, I absolute adore those leathers, they are by All About Style :)
And the top is very sexy. Yep I know what you mean hahaha. For Miss Screenshot I think the top is filled to the brim, using the Lady F body....LOL